relAI welcomes new Fellows

We are delighted to welcome four exceptional fellows to relAI: Nassir Navab, Solveig Vieluf, Tobias Lasser and Jochen Kuhn.  

Each of them brings their own expertise and insights that will further enrich our research agenda, educational offers, and scientific community. They are dedicated to making significant contributions to the advancement of reliable AI, particularly in Medicine & Healthcare and AI in Education areas.  

Nassir Navab is a full professor and director of the Laboratories for Computer Aided Medical Procedures at TUM and adjunct professor at John Hopkins University. One focus of his research is AI assisted Surgery, where reliable methods are a key requirement for both clinicians and patients.  

Solveig Vieluf is a professor of AI-based telemonitoring in the field of cardiology at LMU. Previously, she has also worked on epilepsy and aging research. She uses methods from explainability to explore influence factors on model performance. 

The research of Tobias Lasser is focused on computational imaging and inverse problems in medicine and healthcare. In his work on clinical decision support using AI, he works on prioritization of critical cases for treatment.  

Jochen Kuhn works on the intersection of AI and education, in particular on the use of these future technologies to foster learning and teaching in STEM disciplines. He is a professor of Physics education at LMU. Reliability is important in his research, particularly the role of bias and inaccurate information from AI chatbots on learning and teaching.  

Join us in welcoming these four to the relAI community!