Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The goal of relAI is to provide individually tailored concepts for the development of each MSc student and doctoral researcher in accordance with the candidate’s ambitions and interests to optimally assist her/him in career and personal development. Taking into account the person’s individual prerequisites, gathered experiences, current skill sets, and planned goals, the candidate together with the mentors/advisors creates an IDP at the onset of her/his participation in our School. Specific steps include guidance on the candidate’s planned curriculum and the personal development courses, or identification of potential directions and partners to gather industry experience.

The IDP records these recommendations and observations in a concise document, which is annually revised with the mentors / Transdisciplinary Thesis Advisory Committee. As such, the IDP flexibily adapts to shifting personal circumstances, but also proves adjustable in regard to academic developments and professional goals. Overall, the IDP aims to provide assistance in career and personal development along with discussing the various career paths the topic of reliable AI can offer in accordance with the candidate’s ambitions and interests.