The People of relAI

Four essential groups form relAI: the students and doctoral researchers, the fellows, the industry partners, and the international academic partners.

The students and doctoral researchers build relAI’s heart. They are future world-class experts in the field or reliable AI and will lead research in academia in industry and advise political decision-makers.

The school’s fellows represent world-class academics in the field of reliable AI. They offer the education formats for the students, provide the supervision of the doctoral researchers, and jointly conduct research together.

The industry partners provide practical AI-expertise as well as insights on application-focused challenges. Industry fellows participate in supervision activities, provide internship opportunities, and engage in career fairs or other public events.

The international academic partners are integrated into our school through visits and guest lectures. They offer the education formats for the students and provide the supervision of the doctoral researchers. Exchange with these world-leading experts strengthen the research conducted by our researchers.