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Excellence in Reliable AI

The current technological revolution is largely driven by spectacular progress in artificial intelligence (AI). Yet, although the huge potential is widely recognized, the lack of reliability of AI technology is still considered a serious issue of concern, limiting its adoption both by industry and society at large. Indeed, aspects such as safety, security, and privacy-preservation are essential prerequisites for the use of AI in domains of public interest – e.g. ensuring that robots do not endanger life or respecting confidentiality of data.

The vision of the ‘Konrad Zuse School of Excellence in Reliable AI’ (relAI) is to train future generations of AI experts, who for the first time combine technical brilliance with awareness of the importance of AI’s reliability. Our novel, highly innovative AI program will educate top international candidates in the end-to-end development of reliable AI systems (including scientific knowledge, business expertise, and industrial exposure), both for industry and academia, and perform cutting-edge research to make AI ready for deployment in critical application domains.

relAI trains future generations of AI experts who combine technical brilliance with an eye on AI’s implications for society.


  • Alfred Breit Prize to Prof. Julia Schnabel

    We are proud to announce that the German Radiological Society (Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft) has awarded the Alfred Breit Prize 2024 to our relAI fellow Prof. Julia Schnabel. The prize honors outstanding work and developments in the field of radiological research that have significantly contributed to progress in cancer therapy. Julia Schnabel is Professor for Computational Imaging and AI … Read more

  • relAI with Women in AI & Robotics

    Save the date for the next Women in AI & Robotics community meetup co-organized by relAI! On May 14th, our co-director Gitta Kutyniok will talk about “Reliable AI: From Mathematical Foundations to Neuromorphic Computing”.  The second presentation of the event will be held by Elke Wolf, Professor from Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, on “Professor at … Read more

  • Live Q&A on AI safety

    Are you interested in frontier AI systems, their astonishing capabilities and risks for humanity? Then join us for a thought-provoking deep dive and exclusive OpenAI Live Q&A on AI safety.  Agenda:  Please register on the following webpage and prepare your questions!