relAI Students meet Industry Partners

Last week, our relAI students presented their research to the relAI industry partners in a series of industry workshops. Four events took place, each centered around one of  the four relAI’s research areas: Mathematical & Algorithmic foundations, Algorithmic Decision-Making, Medicine & Healthcare and Robotics & Interacting Systems. 

We are thrilled that this event was so well received both by the students and the industry partners! Following short lightning talks, intriguing discussions around reliability of AI took place in smaller breakout groups.  

The industry workshops are part of relAI´s cross-sectional training and aim to facilitate the exchange of insights and expertise between academia and industry. The engagement from both our students and industry fellows emphasized the significance of bridging academic excellence with real-world applications, particularly when addressing the evolving challenges in AI reliability. 

We are thrilled to announce our new industry partnership with SAP!

The new collaboration will strengthen the school’s expertise in Business AI, and will contribute to translate our AI research into the development of reliable AI systems. You can read below the views of SAP members on this exciting alliance between relAI and SAP.

We are thrilled to extend our collaborative efforts on research-driven product innovation with the Technical University of Munich and the Munich ecosystem through our new partnership with the Konrad-Zuse-School of Excellence in Reliable AI. This expansion not only consolidates our portfolio of AI-related applied research projects, but also fosters a more profound knowledge exchange and talent engagement on topics around the development of reliable AI systems and Business AI.

– Dr. Katharina Wollenberg and Dr. Rüdiger Eichin, Industry-University Collaboration, SAP

At SAP, we are committed to help our customers leverage AI to create tremendous business value. We specialize in Business AI: AI that is relevant since it’s embedded in enterprise business applications and processes from day one; that is reliable since we train, ground, and adapt AI on companies’ business data and context; and that is responsible by design, following SAP’s rigorous AI ethics, privacy, and security practices. We are delighted to join the Konrad Zuse School of Excellence in Reliable AI and look forward to collaborating with academica to drive the development and delivery of relevant, reliable, responsible Business AI.

– Dr. Johannes Hoffart, CTO AI, SAP

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Image: SAP Labs Munich Campus at Campus Garching

We are proud that our network is constantly growing and welcome the industry partners Infineon and Volkswagen into the relAI family!

One of relAI’s main objectives is to transfer the research results in reliable AI technology to industry. The partnership of relAI with industry not only ensures this transferability, but also contributes to the education of future experts in reliable AI, dedicated to guaranteeing the safety, security, and privacy-preservation in AI-based applications in domains such as autonomous driving (Volkswagen) and AI-based semiconductor solutions (Infineon).

This partnership  is mutually beneficial to both, our students and our industry partners: The students have the opportunity to work with renowned companies to gain practical knowledge during projects, workshops and internships.Our partners get to work with talented young scientists from all over the world, with cutting-edge expertise in reliability.