relAI Safety hackathon

We are thrilled to share the outcomes of our recent student-driven event organized by Maria Matveev and Julius Hege from the Chair of Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (LMU): the first relAI Safety hackathon held last weekend! This dynamic gathering brought together a mix of students and professionals interested in the field of AI Safety. 

Over the course of two intense days, participants delved into practical projects aimed at addressing various aspects of AI safety. Their projects ranged from adversarial prompting on a binary question data set, measuring the robustness of the responses, to a website to compare your own emotional intelligence and bias to large language models such as Llama and ChatGPT. The latter project is publicly available, and you can try it out here:  

The atmosphere at the hackathon was inspiring, with enthusiastic participants exchanging ideas, insights and experiences on how to enhance the reliability and safety of AI. The event provided a great opportunity for attendees not to only work on innovative projects, but also to engage in thought-provoking discussions surrounding the ethical implications and potential risks associated with AI. Looking forward to more engaging events! 

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