Asma Ahmed Hashmi


Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at LMU

Institute of Informatics
Akademiestr. 7
80799 München

I hold a B.S in Mathematics degree from University of Massachusetts Boston. After finishing my degree I worked in IT health care industry for about 3 years; my experience was mainly pivoted around data analytics to enhance the overall well-being of a defined group of individuals. I pursued M.S in Machine Learning from Mohammed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence to further the passion in the field; my master’s thesis was revolving around learning from noisy labels and uncertainty. I am currently a PhD student in LMU under the supervision of Eyke Hüllermeier to gain a deeper understanding in the domain.

relAI Topics: My research interest lies in uncertainty quantification, explainable AI and causal inference. I am interested in exploring the applications in Healthcare & Medicine, Speech & NLP, as well as Robotics.