LaTeX in WordPress

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To write text in LaTeX in wordpress two plugins have been installed, WP QuickLaTeX and MathJax-LaTeX.

WP QuickLaTeX: To write text in LaTeX please, add “[“latexpage”]” before the LaTeX code. You can find more information in this tutorial:

At first, we sample f(x) in the N (N is odd) equidistant points around x^*



The scripts in this file allow math formulas to be written anywhere within the HTML code. To start a formula you use either a dollar sign $ or you can use a slash an an open parentheses “/(“. To end the inline math, you have another dollar sign or a back slash and a closing parentheses. Enclosing in double dollar signs put the math on its own line. Or you can use the backslash and a hard bracket “\[“.

If you need to actually use a regular dollar sign in the text, then you need to ‘escape’ it so the page doesn’t think its the start of math. In order to escape it you use a backslash before the dollar sign. “\$”


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