Why do we need a blog?

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We are full of ideas and our voice does not reach you.

  • Dollar Signs: y=mx+1
    • Parenthesis: y=mx+2
    • Double Dollar Signs:


    • Hard Bracket:


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The scripts in this file allow math formulas to be written anywhere within the HTML code. To start a formula you use either a dollar sign $ or you can use a slash an an open parentheses “/(“. To end the inline math, you have another dollar sign or a back slash and a closing parentheses. Enclosing in double dollar signs put the math on its own line. Or you can use the backslash and a hard bracket “

    \[". If you need to actually use a regular dollar sign in the text, then you need to 'escape' it so the page doesn't think its the start of math.  In order to escape it you use a backslash before the dollar sign.  "\\$" <h3> Examples </h3> Dollar Signs: $y=mx+1$ Parenthesis: \(y=mx+2\) Double Dollar Signs: $$y=mx+3$$ Hard Bracket: \[y=mx+5\]

  1. Dollar Signs: y=mx+1
  2. Parenthesis: y=mx+2
  3. Double Dollar Signs:


  4. Hard Bracket:


  5. \lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(‐x) = 0
  6.     \[\cos (2\theta) = \cos^2 \theta ‐ \sin^2 \theta\]

  7.     \[a \bmod b\]

  8.     \[x \equiv a \pmod b\]

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